Oelrichs School Improvement Grant (SIG)

  • Oelrichs School District has received a SIG (School Improvement Grant) for 2014-19. This grant provides many opportunities for staff to grow professionally and academically.
  • Student academic and well-being are the emphasis of the grant. Major goals follow the South Dakota DOE aspirations:
  • DOE Aspirations.jpg
  • Grant components include:
    • Reading specialist Sheri Coleman (K-8)
    • Support of South Dakota Counts -- mathematics for K-8
    • Wellness program, Terrie Wood is coordinating the efforts for improved student/school wellness as a method of improving academic performance.
    • A leadership team that works on components of academic success and ensures the communication and integration of all work at Oelrichs.
    • A vocational education program has been added.
    • Parent interaction and communication will be a focus.
    • Technology will be integrated into classroom academic work.
    • An after school program, Friday school, and summer program will provide assistance for the academic needs of Oelrichs' students.

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